St. Andrews, Ft. Wayne IN

We hope to bring this church back to its original glory. In order to do this, we will first focus on the exterior which is in need of substantial repair. The two bell towers will need extensive work as will the current roof. Other repairs are needed on the outside which include the steps and making the building accessible for those with mobility challenges. 

Once the exterior work is complete we will begin our focus on the interior. Our goal is to bring the interior back to its original glory to the extent that we are able. We plan on restoring the sanctuary completely which would include installing a reredos with a High Altar and side altars as well as an age appropriate communion rail. The current organ will also be restored. 

St. Andrews will continue to remain a Roman Catholic oratory which serves the local community and is home to the Poor Claire Sisters and the Franciscan Friars Minor. 

Early estimates are that these repairs will cost between $2.5 million to $3 million. 

Potential Projects

Harrison House (Columbus, Ohio)


Harrison House – Our first undertaking was the “Harrison House” located in Columbus, Ohio.  This building was the first home in the first settlement of Franklinton, the oldest neighborhood in the Capital City.  The property also contains the “Map House” in which the first maps of Columbus were plotted. 

St. Ann's Church (Buffalo, NY)


St. Anne’s, Buffalo NY – A majestic building full of faith and tradition has found itself in disrepair and in need of care.  JAGH has toured the building, and met with local patrons to find a solution to keep the building in good shape to serve the community in some way.

Santa Maria (Columbus, OH)


The Santa Maria – Efforts are being made to procure and restore a familiar landmark that used to reside in the Scioto River in the shadow of Downtown Columbus.  A replica of the lead ship that led Christopher Columbus to the New World has been docked and dismantled.  Efforts are underway to restore the ship.

Holy Rosary (Columbus, OHIO)


Holy Rosary High School and Convent – The Holy Rosary buildings were listed as the 7th most endangered building in the city.  Being of significant historical importance for the neighborhood, the architecture is reminiscent of a time when pride was taken in what was built.  Efforts are still ongoing to save this majestic landmark. 

Let us know


Do you know of an historical building in your area that is in need of our services?  Please forward us some information and we will be glad to look into it.