About Us

The primary purpose of JAGH is the procurement and restoration of historically significant buildings in the United States.  Whether through actual procurement of the property, or a relationship with the current custodians/owners, we hope to provide education, restoration, and salvaging services to the communities we work with.  We have and hope to continue to develop and foster relationships with organizations whose goals are to preserve these historic landmarks and make them available for public use and education.  Another goal is to help to rescue and preserve art in all of its forms to promulgate a love and understanding for the history art most often times captures.

JAGH Preservation is a Federally recognized not for profit organization.  This means every donation made to the organization is  tax deductible, regardless of the building/project in which you are donating to.  This also allows the organization to partner with other 501c3 organizations to better serve the communities in which we undertake projects.  If you have an interest in donating to a specific project, or would like to further the reach of JAGH Preservation by making a general donation, please use the Make a Donation tab or contact us directly.